What Makes Me Unique?

Hi I’m Jeff Woodard.

I'm a retirement planner with a unique approach.  What I’m going to share with you today is how to avoid the unfortunate fate that so many people experience where they need to worry about money constantly during retirement. What I’m going to show you today is how to ensure that you live your ideal perfect retirement lifestyle without ever having to worry about money. 

I help people avoid losing money they may be losing unknowingly or unnecessarily, putting that money back into their current and future lifestyle.  I use my proprietary MPTR financial planning process  to help people like you get a tax-free and worry-free retirement. In fact, over the past month, my team and I have used this proven process to help Clients generate over a million dollars of tax-free retirement income.

Let me explain…

I take a deep dive into your current financial situation, and your needs and concerns…but more importantly, your wants and aspirations.  Using my 10-step process, I will share how we work, while getting clarity on how you (and your significant other) communicate, think, and plan.

The process will Help you avoid stress...

  • Prevent you from experiencing concerns over your future lifestyle needs,
  • While also helping you generate predictable and reliable income for life.
  • Allowing you to live your  ideal retirement lifestyle.

We'll explore modern financial planning concepts, and may debunk some outdated notions, cutting through much of the misinformation in the press and the Internet. Then, together, we will find efficient strategies, explore options specific to your situation, and create your personalized step-by-step customized plan.  Yes, we are different from the traditional 'advisor'. 

Every client I work with has 3 goals: to build, protect, and secure their wealth. But every plan is unique.

For many, we can eliminate the IRS from their retirement lives…moving from forever taxed to never taxed!

I recently completed a MPTR plan for the Hynes family. We were able to get them 20% more spendable income in retirement.  Or there's Mr. & Ms. Pearce, who will save at least half-a-million dollars in tax during his retirement. That's money they can spend - and not hand over to the government - on trips, the grandkids, or that fishing boat he's been wanting. 

If you’re still listening, you probably realize by now that it’s impossible for me to give specific instructions because I don’t know your personal situation...

So I’d like to invite you to email me your questions so that I can provide you with a better understanding of how you can experience an abundant risk-free, tax-free retirement.


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