Is The Fed playing Monopoly with your future?

Is The Fed playing Monopoly with your future?

March 23, 2021
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Our politicians have turned our financial system into a game of Monopoly.

Can there be any real question that with all of the money printing and out-of-control stimulus spending…

The next meltdown in our financial system could take many years to recover from.

Just look at how long it took for the NASDAQ to recover after the tech bubble popped:

17 years and 5 months.

And I’m sure you remember 2008….

How long did it take you to personally recover?

And what if you could have avoided a lot of that financial pain?

Think about this for a second….

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen more money thrown at the market then we’ve ever seen in history…

TRILLIONS in stimulus spending…

Unemployment benefits that paid some folks MORE than when they were working...

Exceptionally low interest rates…

American’s enjoyed a massive wave of “cash out refi’s” like we haven’t seen in more than a decade…

And we saw more stock market betting on margin than we’ve ever seen in recent history….

Do you really think this is sustainable? What about for the NEXT 12 months?

Especially in the face of a wave of new taxes? 

Now we still could see more market gains. But undoubtedly we are nearer the end of this historic bull than its beginning.

And - I’m not fear-mongering or trying to scare you.

Instead, I’m staying with high certainty that a market pullback or crash could come any day now.

So ask yourself: Can your stock portfolio withstand a massive shock — one that stimulus bills can’t fix?

Now is the time to help protect everything you’ve worked for — and prepare for market turmoil. 

There are safe options outside the Wall Street circus for your money.

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